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Many women in recovery struggle to change, not understanding why, how and what to change. Some want absolute freedom yet they build their own invisible prison wall of bondage to a life of drugs and/or addictive behaviour(s).

They complain about rules and regulations while being institutionalized and prefer to stay on their own yet when they stay away from a regimented lifestyle they end up in the web of addictive lifestyle struggling to free themselves.

What they need is a jumpstart to their recovery to help them to reintegrate to society.

A roof over their head, structure, support & supervision.


Story of Miss A, a compulsive gambler

Gambling for 20 over years has shaped Miss A into someone who worships, lives and breathes for the jackpot machine. The moment she gotten her pay she would instantly go to the jackpot room to bust the last dollar. Her mounting debts from credit cards and licensed moneylender had forced her to borrow from loan sharks, disrupting the peace of her family who has in the past patiently tolerated her irresponsible behaviour. The final straw was when she was thrown out of her home with nowhere to stay, penniless and depressed.

With help from iC@RE “housing first” philosophy she has a temporary, safe and affordable shelter. Her stay is complemented with individualised support to work on her recovery from her gambling addiction. iC@RE has also helped her to apply for financial assistance during her admission. She is referred for professional help to treat her gambling addiction and is counselled and taught relapse prevention strategies and coping skills to face life challenges.

She is now working in the security industry and has successfully applied for a HDB flat. She is now financially independent, has found permanent housing solution for herself and is happily living out life with a passion for food and love for pets.


Story of Miss B , an ex addict

Miss B has been in and out of drugs and has been incarcerated in Changi Women Prison several times for various drugs related offences. When she approached iC@RE HUB, she was staying with her peers and was facing the challenge of homelessness and no family support. She is referred to iC@RE by Changi Women Prison upon her release.

With iC@RE’s help she is able to stay in a safe and clean environment to concentrate on her completion of her urine supervision programme. iC@RE found part time work for her and later eased her into a full time job. iC@RE has developed individualised support care plan for her to work on sustaining her employment and to provide assistance for permanent housing arrangement. Besides counselling, iC@RE has helped her to establish a network of social support to replace her past negative peer community and taught her to make healthy adjustments to her lifestyle habits.

She is now co sharing a HDB rental flat with another lady and is currently working happily in the job referred to her by iC@RE Hub.


Story of Miss C , an ex-offender and an alcoholic

Mdm C, a 33 years old, mother of one has no family support and no place to stay when she was released from Changi Women Prison. Her only option then was to stay in the park. She was later referred to iC@RE where she was assessed to be emotionally unstable and was battling an alcohol addiction problem. Mdm Tan was referred for professional treatment, counselled and taught relapse prevention strategies. She is also equipped with coping skills to cope with life challenges and independent living. She is now working part time and has found permanent housing solution for her toddler son and herself.



Imagine the anxiety, fear and hopelessness welling up within one who loiters aimlessly on the streets without a safe environment to return to because of your deemed past failures?

There are many newly released women ex-offenders and women-in-recovery of substance abuse and /or addictive behaviours who are currently helpless, with no home or a safe and supportive environment to return to. Amidst the high private market room rentals and immediate barriers of public housing rentals, they may choose to stay with friends. They soon relapse into the old cycle of drugs and/or addictive behaviours due to a lack of stability in immediate accommodation and appropriate quality support.

These women, who may be wives, daughters or mothers, have lost family and community connection. They never stop dreaming of the warmth, stability, security and the assurance that an immediate supportive transitional accommodation programme may bring.


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